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Services We Offer

Company Registration

Starting a business in Davao City requires permits and licenses from several government agencies. With business owners already pre-occupied with management and operation challenges, we at DavaoLawyer.ph are more than ready to take over the registration process and save you a considerable amount of time, effort and frustration.


Corporate Structuring

A business would greatly benefit from a sound corporate structure that ensures tax efficiency, compliance to Philippine ownership rules, and to limit legal liability. More so, if such corporate structure plan is done in anticipation of future endeavors, rather than mere reaction to unfolding events.


Trademark Registration

The use of trademark is not sufficient to give the user any exclusive right to that trademark nor shall such use grant any legal protection against unauthorized use by third parties. Only registration of the trademark shall vest to the owner the right to take action against infringing third parties.


General Legal Services

Abapo CPA & Law is a general practice law firm and we wish to help as many people as possible. With the leadership of Attorney Abapo we strive to keep clients updated by being always available through open communication channels.


Practice Areas

corporate Lawyer

Corporate Law

DavaoLawyer.ph shall be with you from corporate inception to expansion.

tax lawyer

Tax Law

DavaoLawyer.ph shall help you optimize taxes, formulate defense against tax assessments, and plan estates to minimize tax exposure.

Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual Property Law

DavaoLawyer.ph will assist you in the registration of intellectual assets rights, enforcement of intellectual property rights, and represent clients in the prosecution of infringements.

Labor Law

Labor Law

We provide representation to employees for employment claims ranging from unlawful termination, and to employers in managing labor procedures.

Family Law Marriage

Family Law & Marriage

DavaoLawyer.ph represents clients in annulment cases and nullification of marriage and recognition of divorce in Philippine jurisdiction.

Election Law

Phillipine Election Law

DavaoLawyer.ph provides assistance to candidates during the campaign period, election, and canvassing.

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